It wasnt the time I was the bandaid for your heartbreak Or the time you rightfully kicked me out of your sleeping quarters Nor was it the time you made me sleep on your shitty couch With a bad movie playing in the background On a TV I didnt know how to work To turn … Continue reading Untitled.



I would like to extend an apology to you all, to give thanks that you existed in my own existence and to let you know that despite the turnout I forgive you.  I’m sorry for having lived my life in a way in which you don’t agree, for the choices I have made that you felt … Continue reading Hedonism.

gone, so long.

I remember sitting outside drug houses with you If there were drugs inside you weren't present Neither here nor there you weren't anywhere Your prescence murky Sullied by your own obsession Confessions made Your denial remains unswayed Were you the player was I the played? Perhaps I draw back card the dealer, paid. And you … Continue reading gone, so long.

Paid in Full

Have you ever drowned your demons?  I have. Have you ever saturated your suffering with substance? I have. Have you ever clawed at the inanimate walls built by yourself to hide yourself within yourself? I have. Have you ever seethed with rage and kicked down doors in houses, but never homes, that didn't belong to … Continue reading Paid in Full


the land will soon come for her take her into its endless embrace soon she will become the land return to the land the land that has always been present inside her it is her skin, it is her flesh, it is her blood soon they will return to one another a vessel sent forth … Continue reading seeds


Yesterday I loathed you for being proud of my accomplishments. For brimming with that pleasure, that not-mock-joy so full of love and respect. Yesterday I felt empty and stared into empty spaces. Feeling the void - and wanting to fill it. With rocks. With clouds. With empty dollar bags with smiley faces on them. Yesterday … Continue reading (DIRTY) LINEN


With one foot in the kingdom of the living And one in that of the dead Skin was sacrosanct, divine An untouchable entity Incarnate; infinite Inclusive of the instances That the darling of demise came knocking Neither heaven nor hell could Lay claim to her vitality Not nirvana, nor the netherworld Could satisfy her soul Upon reaching … Continue reading decorticate.