Many a Merry Charlatan.

Today marks my virtual arrival into the ‘blogosphere’.

I have been transported from the womb of inhibition and self-doubt and delivered unto the planet of  unapologetic creativity.

My attitude –  ‘fuck fear’
My intention – ‘to confront’

Set to embark on this quest with my eyes wide open, my mind sharpened to it’s full capacity, having smashed down the fortification that has kept hostage my sagacious vision, I am armed with the essential cerebral artillery to conquer this new planet, to colonize its occupants into complete submission, for though my palisade of anonymity has collapsed, my guard is agile, my survival instinct primed for combat, I am conditioned, a master of the art of abstract affray – it’s time to acquaint the digital world with this analogue girl.

My progression to blogger ascendance has begun; today is my blog-birthday.


was born on 25/12/15 and ironically coincides with the linear calendar date that the Western World commemorates the birth of Jesus.

According to many an indoctrinated Christian and the defenders of the vast denominations of Christianity in current practise Jesus is; ‘The Holy One’, ‘The Messiah’, ‘The One True God’ among other commanding titles. Jesus was born in Jerusalem, the mortal son of a virgin named Mary – in what is believed to be the first case of immaculate conception, although unless In Vitro Fertilisation was available in those primitive times I remain a sceptic.

Whatever the case, this is how Jesus has been traded to the masses; as the deity that eclipses those who came before him; the supreme being of unmatched power – impossible to overlook that at some point during the Renaissance period which spanned from the 14th to the 17th Century, Jesus transformed from being and appearing Jewish to somehow acquiring the physical traits of an Aryan man – fair skinned, blue eyed and blonde haired.

While it has been written that Jesus possessed the ability to heal and performed many miracles during his mortal incarnation, I am mystified as to how a brown-skinned, dark-featured Jewish male could adopt the facade of a white man almost 2000 years after his death.

My name is Aria and until recently I had never shared a single word of my personal writings; I am 30 years old and have been transcribing my thoughts since I was a child, unlike most self-proclaimed ‘writers’ I do not keep journals for any length of time, it is my penchant to destroy anything I have produced almost instantly.