Lies Without Alibis – An Opinion Piece

There are two kinds of people – and of the two derivatives, both types are perjurers, in essence.

There are those who lie constructively and there are those who lie destructively.  There are no variations, people are either black or white when it comes to the true nature of dishonesty.  Similar to a chess board.

I’m going to call the constructive liars, black and the destructive liars, white.  It’s only fair and in a sense an adequate representation of the current state of the world, wouldn’t you agree?

I can detect a lie in an instant, both up close and from a distance – especially a white one, for these are the most common, a small mercy, being that these are a less harmful breed of fable.  Even the smallest of lies raise my intuitive alarm bells and needless to say I am immediately agitated by the person with whom I’m dealing for obvious reasons, but for arguments sake I will clarify – what instantaneously infuriates me is not the lie itself, but the fact that the person who is telling the lie is obnoxiously conscious of this detail, yet still persists with their delivery, be it verbal or otherwise – at which point I will consciously cease to absorb anything else derived from the interaction.

In my head I curse the person, in an expletive laden mind rant which usually goes something like this:

“shut the fuck up you fucking bullshit cunt, I cannot believe I am witness to this utter fucking rubbish, you fucking lying piece of shit”

Depending on the person and the length of their ramblings, this could go on, or if I like the person and it’s a good chance that I do – for the fact that I don’t go out of my way to interact with anybody I don’t like, this is standard.  Even if I like you, if you lie to me, chances are what is going on in my head is a violent flurry of hateful profanity, furthermore, as a result of the internal negativity, what follows is customarily a rearrangement of my face into a scowl and a sudden change in the language of my body, wherein my defences will be significantly raised.  But I still like you – I just don’t like it when you lie to me; regardless of the level of the lie imparted or your social standing pertaining to myself.

I don’t like being lied to, nobody does – I also don’t like to lie, for the same reason as a matter of fact.  I don’t like the burden, the way it makes me feel, the automatic feeling of dread and the shame that washes over me when I have no choice but to tell a lie and I make it a direct mandate not to lie unless I am cornered, unless there is no other way around the predicament.

It happens.
It’s not ideal, but it happens.

There is only one excusable reason to lie, and that is to spare the feelings of another, which is contrary to the grounds upon which most people lie – it is not okay to tell a lie to save yourself, even if you tell yourself or genuinely believe it is in the interest of another, because nine times out of ten the lie is completely self-serving (you weak cunt) nor is it okay to tell a lie to add weight to an otherwise insipid story (you fucking phoney) – if you are forced and by forced, I mean having examined all the possible alternatives and finally reach the conclusion that your only option is to respond with a lie, then so be it – tell the lie, process the guilt.

In all other situations, there is no demand for the lie supply.

Some may find the way in which I operate unnecessarily despotic, in connection with the strict criteria I have in place for prospective friendships, beginning with, but not limited to a prolonged observation of potential subjects.  It is my personal perception that those people, even in cases involving friends who have fulfilled the conditions, are either missing the inbuilt  ‘lie-alarm’ and/or have never been a human sacrifice for another persons misdeeds.  Lucky for them, I however, am one of the less fortunate, customised with the former and experienced in the latter, in multiple affairs and facets, therefore I deem it an essential requirement for the foundation of any new friendship, thus disregard their views, not with ego, but with surety.

This is security for me, this method ensures that only black labelled liars are extended an invitation to my small, but meticulous inner circle.  White labelled liars need not apply.

During a comprehensive discussion I had with a friend recently, I raised the subject of my disdain for the visually impaired general-population, the unconscious disciples of the New World Order who watch the news and believe that what is made available for public consumption via mass-media is testament to the truth, a disorder otherwise known as Cognitive Dissonance.

He went on to tell me about a recent study that suggests, that those who possess the faculty to see the truth in the way the world, or anything shrouded in convenient fabrication, is depicted and marketed is a xenogenetic trait and in effect it is the gene that separates the leaders from the followers.  They call this the leadership gene and it too is like a chess board.  There are only two variations.

Black and white.

One thought on “Lies Without Alibis – An Opinion Piece

  1. Guilty asf however in saying that like you i keep myself to myself and if i welcome you to my little circle you will hear nothing but truth the way i see well known for forcing my over opinionated thoughts down your throat lol always put my big foot in my big mouth .body language is a big part of communication. I like to observe rather then interact body language tells you shit that they aint saying.I have my own bullshit detector in the form of my daughter who has had to rely on all her senses because of her disabilities she is spot on everytime.She has absolutely no filter on her thoughts and actions she will look right through you and pull you up on your shit i like to think i passed some of that on to her but its bullshit i never had to deal with what she does on the daily .


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