The Pigeons Omen

I don’t often open my blinds, well one blind in particular I prefer to keep closed.  Today for no apparent reason, I opened this particular blind and looked out the window.  Right outside was a pigeon, lying beak first on the ground, struggling to take it’s last breath.

I am an animal person, in fact I’m more of an animal person then a human person.

Yesterday while on my way to work,  I was driving along the freeway and I had no choice but to pass a stock truck, filled to the brim with fearful sheep – all on their unhappy way to be slaughtered, and for what?  For mankind’s penchant for the flesh of a beast deemed inferior to them.  I wonder, what gave humans the idea that they were the superior being incarnate on this earth?  What was it that determined their right to breed another species just for the taste of the meat on its bones?  When I say they, I mean them, I wish not be categorised into the human box.

I called out to it “pigeon, are you ok?  what’s going on?”

I rushed outside and knelt down next to it.  I could tell it was in it’s last stages of life and had already begun it’s ascent to the next realm of being.  It made me sad, so I called Wildlife Services, but before they had a chance to respond, my feathered friend had already flown the coupe of life, it’s soul set free.

It seems it had flown into my window, or the neighbours fence – a collision that ended it’s life.  Sitting on the concrete next to it, I was the only one witness to it’s last moments.

I wrote this 3 days before my Uncles car left the road for the river, the river that swallowed his last breath.