The Plight of a Flightless Bird



I would have been an activist up there on the frontline
Alas; I am too shy
Wielding a placard for a revolution
I stood for, just to hide behind

I could have been that auspicious scholar
Who would always raise a hand
Divulge a new perspective
Dispute a contemporary stand

With emphasis on my capacity
From each corner calculations
Menacing were the whispers
Lacked grasp my limitations

What do you want to do
Who do you wish to be
As if it was inconceivable
For me to, just want to be

Perhaps I could have, done much more
Maybe I would have, been something
Had the pressure to be, somebody
Been wind, contrary to weight
Beneath my wings

I have watched life from the sideline
Witnessed many a fledgling take first flight
But the transmission of common, eager energy
Verified self resistance; primary motive for my fight.