C O – D E P E N D E N C E

My sister blocked me on Facebook Messenger
Wednesday, 1:13am Melbourne time
It was 3:13am in New Zealand
The last message she sent me was

Black Bitch

Then she blocked me
At 3:13am NZ time

An interesting point to note is that I sport that
Melbourne/shard/cold storage tan perpetually

The most likely occurrence
Before the fact-
Is that she was getting high
At some point, or many
Within the 24 hour expanse of time
In which she blocked me

And that is fine

My sister and I have spent many hours
That bled into days
That turned out to be weeks
Getting high together
During which
At some point, or many
We have been known to fight

This is a reflection
A recollection
Of facts built up from a past
I sought escape from
And departed from

Put bluntly
I left her
In the eye of the storm of obsession

Guilt is mere in comparison
To the feelings invoked
When I draw upon this fact
A true bane of my existence

There’s nothing worse then being high alone
Because it’s not really high at all
If you have nobody to share it with
And there is no better high
Then the high you are gifted to partake
With somebody you love

My sister is that somebody
That one-somebody who makes my highs higher

But such is life
It all balances out
Because the lows
The lows are of that kind
That have the capacity to raze you


The grand evasion happened
A long time ago
…and I have made peace with it

Even so I am brought back, violently
To a place and time
Where violence was less prevalent in our lives
Back to a time
When LSD and bourbon
Were our main drugs of choice

But not our only

A time when we listened to
House of Shem
And truly believed
In thinking about you

Needless to say the acid was strong
And the bourbon consumed then
Is still
Referred to as
Court case in a can

We can only think of ourselves

Of House of Shem

Of the height of the highs
The depth of the lows

We are selfish

I am gone
Struggling alone with the lows

While, she remains
Battling alone with the highs

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