Comrade; Pledge Allegiance

It doesn’t upset me
When you don’t respond
To my messages
Nor when you screen my calls
And choose not to answer

No; I get it
I do
I understand

Sometimes I suppose you forget
How intensely I know you
Your mind
The way you think
The way you try not to feel
The way you can’t


So when you shun me
It doesn’t wound me
My feelings do not waiver
Even if yours are unbearable to

I will always try
I will always care

Even when my care is unwanted
Even when my care is refused
But especially
When my care
Is a warmth you deem
Unbefitting you

I will always try
To lend my eyes
So you too can see your worth

I will always try
To lend my shoulder
So as to divide your burdens

And I will always try
To reach out my heart to you

Close range
From afar