They say suicide is the path of the devil
Does that make disease the path of the gods?

Am I the demon that haunts you
The being that materialised
In your mind, from nothingness
who altered everything?

Am I the malevolent presence
That rapped on the portal
Of your quiddity; wailing
let me in, let me in, let me in?

Am I the succubus personified
That forth from your core
I was consummated
without your consent?

Do you walk this life accepting of your suffering
Or do you stumble about in search of another way out?

Tell me friend, if I was ailing
And you held the key to the door of my deliverance,

Would you hand it to me to unlock myself
or insert the key to grant my access for me

Tell me friend, would you relieve me or refuse me
my right to reincarnation?

But then again friend, perhaps our deities differ and I accept that.

The road is rife with that of the righteous
and that of the wicked-

Thus I engage the power to guide my journeys end.