With one foot in the kingdom of the living
And one in that of the dead
Skin was sacrosanct, divine
An untouchable entity
Incarnate; infinite

Inclusive of the instances
That the darling of demise came knocking
Neither heaven nor hell could
Lay claim to her vitality
Not nirvana, nor the netherworld
Could satisfy her soul

Upon reaching the crux of transition
Where contrasting gates are apace
Emanating from each
An equivalent allure

Skin would resist the temptation
of both gatekeepers
Each a custodian
of their corresponding course
And return to the state of her misery
Immured by a mantle of self loathing
From which, there seemed no escape

Without exception, in spite of herself
Her enduring hunger for salvation
And; unperturbed by the reign of the gatekeeper
Through whom it was proffered
She would confront the divide
only to retreat, as if entranced

Akin to an obscure thread

seducing her; 
tormenting her;
destroying her;

Skin would find herself captive
Yet, unrestrained by either force

Henceforth, her descent of a sanguine ravine
Occupied by unrequited promises and fruitless faith
Skin would retract to the kingdom of flesh perpetually

In contempt of the compulsion to her own finality
It was to humanity her spirit persevered to reconcile
With one empyrean foot; entrenched in the tomb of expiry
And the infernal other, arise to the temple of bliss

Incarnate; infinite.
An untouchable entity.