I would like to extend an apology to you all, to give thanks that you existed in my own existence and to let you know that despite the turnout I forgive you.  I’m sorry for having lived my life in a way in which you don’t agree, for the choices I have made that you felt you couldn’t support so opted to take leave of your place beside me – I’m sorry the road was rocky – I too have struggled to stumble along and continue upon at a pace in which you could keep up, so I understand why you have abandoned the journey, jumped ship, left me hanging at the edge; of the cliffs of life and chosen to take a path separate to mine; frankly how could I not understand?   It is a basic human right to go your own way, to make choices that best serve you, to take leave when the situation is futile – how could I hate you for exercising your rights?  You are my friend, after all, ever dear to my heart always, despite being excused from yours, I remain steadfast in my respect for true camaraderie  because it requires a certain level of loyalty to survive and I refuse to falter, I refuse to love you less, I refuse to withdraw my honour – whether you have withdrawn yours or not, I refuse to follow your lead and turn away my hand to you – to help you up when you need assistance, my shoulder to you – to lean on to ease your tired legs when you strive to move forward.


Dear friend, old friend – I refuse to bitch you out like you have done me.


“I hope you’re feeling happy now.”- Hedonism // Skunk Anansie