It wasnt the time I was the bandaid for your heartbreak
Or the time you rightfully kicked me out of your sleeping quarters
Nor was it the time you made me sleep on your shitty couch
With a bad movie playing in the background
On a TV I didnt know how to work
To turn off, or turn down
It wasnt the time you invited me across the ocean
Then proceeded to ignore me
Shut me out
Pretend I wasnt there
Just for YOU
It wasnt all the times you humiliated me


It was that time you treated me as if i wasnt your friend
That time you forgot to send the memo
You swore you thought you had
Despite the countless shitty things you’d done in the past
You’d never do that
Accidentally; on purpose
But you did, and it hurt
That was the time I actually needed you
To just be my friend
And you couldnt
And that was the only time you really made me cry.

But I ain’t mad.